Mar 132021

At 6 pm tonight Kellenberg and Iona Prep will take the field at the Mitchel Field Athletic Complex in Uniondale, Long Island.  The game will mark the official opening of the 2020 CHSFL football season.  It’s odd to say 2020 when the first game of the CHSFL season is being played on March 13, 2021.  But here we are.  A “full slate” of games will be played next weekend. (Date, sites and times TBD) The “full slate” of games requires context.  Due to continued restrictions in New York City fourteen league members are unable to begin their season.  While the NYC members of the CHSFL await clearance the Westchester and Long Island members of the CHSFL will take the field and provide a glimpse of a return to normalcy.  It is hoped that in the coming weeks the full slate of games will include all CHSFL member schools.

Please note:  Tonight’s Iona/Kellenberg game is not open to the public.  Due to distancing restrictions both schools have distributed a limited amount of tickets.  There will be no tickets sold at the gate.  Each host school will determine and communicate to it’s opponent distancing and attendance procedures.   

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